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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Solar Shield really works! We performed an evaporation test during the hottest and windiest days of summer and the results speak for themselves.

Both the pool and bucket of water were exposed to the same evaporation conditions. Solar Shield was added to the pool water only. Using water height points in the pool and in the bucket, the test shows that the bucket water dropped 4cm while the pool only dropped 2cm.

Of course, for best results in reducing evaporation, install a pool cover. But if that is not an option for your pool design, add some Solar Shield to your pool this summer season.

Recognising the need for energy improvements on pools, the NCC (National Construction Code) recently updated and tightened the need for swimming pool covers on new pool constructions from 2019.

The new code states that a pool cover is a mandatory requirement where a pool has either a gas heater or heat pump installed, even if the pool also has a solar heater.

Given the introduction of this legislation related to new pool construction, it is only a matter of time before this condition is also made for existing pools.

How is your pool cover looking? If you have a heater connected to your pool, you should have a quality pool blanket designed to retain the heat. A standard see through 'blue bubble' pool cover is not enough. Talk to our experienced staff about what cover solutions would best suit your needs.

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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Break out the bug spray and give your pool equipment a quick going over.

Ants and other insects living inside your pool equipment can cause a short circuit or worse, leaving you with an expensive repair or replacement bill.